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Fritz Fritz Paracleanse 20

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Fritz ParaCleanse treats and controls of a wide variety of parasitic diseases. Use Fritz ParaCleanse for outbreaks of aquatic parasites including velvet (Oodinium dinoflagellates), hole-in-the-head disease (Hexamita sp. & Spironucleus), fish lice, or gill & skin flukes (Dactylogyrus & Gyrodactylus). This treatment is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquariums, and will not discolor the water. It does not harm, plants, other invertebrates or uninfected fish. It is also effective for some internal bacterial infections.

Fritz ParaCleanse is effective against velvet (Oodinium dinoflagellates), hole-in-the-head disease (Hexamita spp. & Spironucleus), fish lice, or gill & skin flukes (Dactylogyrus & Gyrodactylus). Symptoms can include white stringy feces, scratching or flashing, erosion of head or lateral line tissue, wasting, disinterest in food, or rapid breathing or gasping, 

ParaCleanse does not treat Nematodes or Roundworms. For these parasites, try Fritz Expel-P.

Active ingredient: Metronidazole and Praziquantel


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